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Form No. Title English(KB) Hindi(KB) Fee(₹)
LD-1 Application for registration of layout-design 177 391 5000
LD-2 Notice of Opposition to Application for Registration of Layout-Design 132 151 500
LD-3 Form of Counter-Statement 114 149 500
LD-4 Notice of intention to attend hearing 95 95 500
LD-5 Request for statement of grounds of decision under Rule 27(1) 78 97 500
LD-6 Request for clerical error or for amendment 84 117 300
LD-7 Affidavit(only to be furnished when required by registrar in support of a request under Rule 49) 100 129 -
LD-8 Application for directions for the advertisement of an assignment of layout-design otherwise than in connection with the goodwill of the business 107 131 2000
LD-9 Application for extention of time in which to apply for the registrar's direction for the advertisement of an assignment of layout-design otherwise than in connection with the goodwill of the business 110 116 500
LD-10 Request to register a subsequent proprietor of a layout-design upon the same devolution of title 121 125 1500
LD-11 Joint request by registered proprietor and transferee to register the transferee as subsequent proprietor of layout-design upon the same devolution of title 137 177 1500
LD-12 Application for the rectification of the register 132 129 2000
LD-13 Application for registration of registered user 137 149 3000
LD-14 Application by registered proprietor of a layout-design or by any of the registered user of the layout-design for the cancellation of the registered user thereof 98 104 1000
LD-15 Application for cancellation of entry of a registered user of a layout-design 109 129 1000
LD-16 Notice of intention to intervene in proceedings for the cancellation of an entry of a registered user of a layout-design[rule 61(2)] 94 112 1000
LD-17 Request to enter change of name or description of registered proprietor(or registered user)of the layout-design upon the register 107 130 1000
LD-18 Application under section 31(2) to alter an entry of the address of a registered proprietor or a registered user of a layout-design unless exempted from fee under rule 67(3) 98 112 1000
LD-19 Form of request by a registered proprietor or a registered user of a layout-design who has no principal place of business in India, to enter, alter or substitute an address for service in India as part of his registration 143 159 1000
LD-20 Application by registered propreietor of layout-design for the cancellation of entry thereof in the register 78 82 1500
LD-21 Request for registrar's preliminary advice as to on the originality or distinctiveness of the layout-design by a person proposing to apply for the registration of layout-design 90 100 500
LD-22 Request for certificate of the registrar 92 107 1000
LD-23 Application for extension of time [not being a time expressly provided in the Act or a time for the extension of which provision is made in the rule] 81 90 1000
LD-24 Application for review of registrar's decision 77 87 1500
LD-25 Request for duplicate or further copy of the certificate of registration [rule 46(3)] 80 89 2000
LD-26 Appeal to the Appellate Board under sub-section(1) of Section 41 76 94 1500
LD-27 Application to the Appellate Board to determining royalty (rule 73) 69 78 -
LD-28 Opposition under section 40(3) before the Appellate Board 66 77 -
LD-29 Request for review of decision of Appellate Board to permit use of registered layout-design 67 72 2000
LD-30 Application for extension of time for giving notice of opposition 98 111 500
LD-31 Request to registrar for particulars of advertisements of a layout-design rule 32 78 85 -
LD-32 Form of authorisation of agent in a matter or proceeding under the Act 86 107 -
LD-33 Notice for cancellation of registration of a layout-design or of assignment or transmission relating thereto 85 108 2000
LD-34 Request for the permission to use the registered layout-design without authorisation of the proprietor 140 185 2000
LD-35 Application to High Court Against Decision or Order of Appellate Board 66 63 2000
LDA-1 Application for registration as a layout-design agent (rule 97) 153 136 2000
LDA-2 Application for the restoration of the name of a person to the register of layout-design agents (rule 103) 74 85 1000
LDA-3 Application for an alteration of an entry in the register of trade marks agents (rule 104) 75 92 500
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